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Why us?

Generate Proxies On The Run

The Proxylab generator can be used on any device!
You don't have to download anything since it's all
cloud-based! Works on your Phone, Computer,
Tablet etc.

Unlimited Proxies

We support multiple APIs per cloud VPS provider.
Using our simple profile system you can easily
create hundreds of proxies.

Create Your Own Cheap Fast Proxies

Stop paying expensive prices for proxies, when you can create your own fast and cheap proxies!
Prices are as low as $0.007 / hour, and you can delete/create them whenever you want. This saves an average sneaker user 75% a month!

Easy Setup

Our cloud service is very easy to use and setup.
Our software does not require any specific skills or knowledge, anyone can do it. If you have a hard
time creating your proxies our in depth guides
will help you, otherwise our support team will!

Short About Us

Proxylab is a VPS proxy creation tool. With this tool you can easily create hundreds of hourly billed proxies from serveral different providers. This makes the process of making your OWN proxies extremely simple, and saves you both lots of valuable time and money!
Pay up to 75% less by creating your own proxies, and spend no more than 30 seconds setting it all up. Never overpay for proxies again and cook your own with Proxylab!